Podcast Episode Four – Secrets of Outsourcing

What you’ll hear:

  • The main reason accountants should outsource (hint: it’s not cost)
  • Potential pitfalls of outsourcing
  • What functions of an accounting firm can be outsourced?
  • How outsourcing affects your local staff?
  • The correlation between growth firms and those that use outsourcing
  • How a big four accounting firm entices new staff by promising they’ll never do a tax return!
  • Should you tell clients you are off-shoring their work?

PP101: Nick Sinclair – Outsourcing, blogging and running event

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Nick has used outsourcing to scale his business to over 50, which has produced awesome results for both his business and his clients
  • How consistent blogging has built Nick’s profile, got him media attention, and attracted clients (and how he does all this in less than an hour a week)
  • Nick’s philosophy about using education to market his business
  • The type of events Wealthfarm runs, the topics they cover, and how they target different segments of the market to great effect

Executive Interview: Nicholas Sinclair, President of the Outsourced Accountant

Nick Sinclair is the President of the Outsourced Accountant. The company is a BPO in the Philippines that helps accounting firms in Australia and New Zealand improve their client value added services. We spoke to Nick about his experience in the Philippines …

Falling AUD prompts offshoring concerns

With the Australian dollar suffering a volatile fall in recent times, third-party offshoring providers have been forced to increase their standard of work to retain Australian business, according to one offshoring expert…

Outsourcing – all the rage right now in business?

Outsourcing for Accountants and Australian Business owners

Nicholas has taken the bull by the horns and hired some accountants from the Philippines to help him grow his business.  The good news is that as he hires more offshore staff he also hires more local members on the Gold Coast too and now has created 25 local jobs – not bad for a guy just over 30!

Feature: A social network

Financial planners have always found it beneficial to integrate themselves into networks where they can get to know prospective clients before starting a professional relationship. Now, the evolution of social media has opened up a new and efficient channel for connecting with consumers on a personal level …

Queensland Jobs Outsourced to Philippines: Expect to Double in 2014

Over 25,000 Australian jobs were outsourced to the Philippines in 2013, and this number is expected to multiply twice by 2014. An IT businessman and outsourcing expert, Scott Linden Jones estimates that there will be 50,000 more jobs exported to the Philippines in 2014 …

280,000 Queensland Jobs to be Outsourced to PH

According to IT entrepreneur and outsourcing Guru Scott Linden, about 25,000 Australian jobs were outsourced to Philippine BPO firms last year. He predicts that ultimately, 1.5 million white collar jobs will be exported offshore, of which 190,000 – 280,000 will come from Queensland over the next 10 years …

Queensland jobs outsourced to Philippines by the hundreds of thousands

UP TO 280,000 Queensland jobs will go to the Philippines in the next 10 years as businesses flee Australia’s high-wage, high-cost economy. IT entrepreneur and outsourcing guru Scott Linden Jones said about 25,000 Australian roles were exported to Philippines-based outsourcing companies last year …

What You Ought to Know About Employees Selling Work Passwords

Corporate security is threatened with the alarming news that one in five employees would sell their work passwords under $1000. Hackers are now targeting the weakest link, your employees. Find out more.

Outsourcing for accountants – is it worth it?

With technology slowly commoditising compliance, accountants are turning to outsourcing their non-core business processes to less expensive countries. But, is it worth all the compliance risks?

7 Reasons to Add Outsourcing to Your Operational Plan

What’s your operational plan look like? Nicholas Sinclair says it should include outsourcing

5 Tax Tips to Manage Small Business Filings with Ease

Discover five simple changes to make to your business today that will help during tax time.

6 Reasons to Move to Cloud Accounting 

Financial advisor Nick Sinclair shares six convincing reasons why your small business should switch to cloud accounting now.